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Neuer Schülerkreis Joseph Ratzinger/Papst Benedict XVI. e.V.

For the 95th birthday


Dear Holy Father Benedict,


Your entire group of new students heartily congratulates you on your big birthday, which you can celebrate today - as in your year of birth 1927 on Holy Saturday! May the Lord give you all grace, strengthen you, comfort you and bless your ministry in all things!


With our congratulations we combine our thanks for so many decades of your faithful service as a "cooperator veritatis" and as a "humble worker in the Lord's vineyard". As your younger students, who have shaped us through your theological and spiritual work and your tireless example, you have given us lasting orientation in the theological thicket of theories and designs, which carries us and gives us stability to this day.


All this we can hardly put into words and therefore we want to bring it to fruition in our theological work and in our spiritual life in union with the Church and for the world of today. In this way we hope to be able to convey to the people of the coming generations the support that was given to us through your work and which is constantly renewed.


With great gratitude and heartfelt solidarity in the Lord!



New student group Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI. registered association

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At the request of Pope Benedict XVI, the "Neuer Schülerkreis"  combines since 2008 young theologians,
who are committed to researching the work of Pope emeritus and continuing his theological approach.