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Meeting of the student groups in Castelgandolfo 2008

The Historical Jesus and His Passion








student circle

On Friday, August 28, 2008, the student group met several times in the absence of Pope Benedict in the Centro Mariapoli in Castelgandolfo to discuss questions of the group and the "Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI Foundation", but also to share pastoral experiences_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that they had done in different countries and continents in the last years.

The theological part of the conference on Saturday dealt with topics related to the first and the expected second volume of the  work of the Pope "Jesus of Nazareth". The group of students now met their teacher in the Sala della Rocca of the papal residence.
Prof. Martin Hengel/Tübingen gave a lecture on the subject: On the historical question about Jesus of Nazareth. Reflections on the conclusion of a Jesus book.

In the afternoon, Peter Stuhlmacher spoke on the subject:
Jesus' understanding of death.

The lively conversation with both Lutheran theologians went beyond the field of professional exegesis and also touched on interpretations of the theological and spiritual tradition of the church and included today's questions.
The liturgical highlight of the meeting was the Eucharist on Sunday, which Pope Benedict celebrated with the participants of the conference and the new student group. Cardinal Schönborn preached the sermon.
The whole conference took place in an almost cordial atmosphere. It turned into a moving ecumenical experience.

Fr Stephan Otto Horn











Photos: Michael Hofmann



New circle of students


A group of 17 doctoral students, post-doctoral candidates and young professors met with the student group on Sunday and Monday at the invitation of the student group and with the approval of the Pope. It was mostly young theologians who dealt with the theology of Joseph Ratzinger in a special way, among them the Catholic and Orthodox authors of the book "Symphony of Faith. Young Munich Theologians in Dialogue with Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI."_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The theologians who had been associated with Joseph Ratzinger since their studies encountered a new generation of theologians who seek and want to further develop theological dialogue with them and with one another. For this group, the name "New Student Circle" was formed. The Pope welcomed this "New Circle of Disciples" after Sunday's Angelus in the papal residence.









Photos and text: Manuel Wluka

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