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Ordinary members of the association can become natural persons who have a scientific qualification work that at least in substantial parts deals with the thematic work of
Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI., have already completed or are working on it.
Scientific qualification theses are generally to be understood as theological or philosophical doctoral theses, but also other scientific papers that are fundamentally shaped by the theology of Joseph Ratzinger. Work from other departments can be recognized after individual examination. Evidence (confirmation of acceptance as a doctoral candidate or postdoctoral candidate, presentation of the project for work that has not yet been completed, relevant expert reports, sufficient knowledge of German for scientific exchange) must be submitted with the application for admission.

Membership must be requested from the board in writing and by submitting the relevant documents. After an interview, the board decides on the admission.

Legal persons can apply for admission in writing to the board. They are represented by a delegate in the "Neuer Schülerkreis". Legally dependent ecclesiastical institutions that pursue similar ecclesiastical goals as the "Neuer Schülerkreis" are equivalent to legal persons in this provision.

For the existing members of the "Neuer Schülerkreis", which was founded in 2008, an informal application for membership is sufficient, which does not need to be re-examined.

If you do not meet the admission criteria, but would like to work for the goals of the association, you can become a corresponding member of the "Neuer Schülerkreis". Membership must be applied for in writing to the board, which then decides on the application.

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