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Conference of the new student group in Regensburg 2015

The Ecclesiology of Vatican II 

in the writings of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.














Photo: ©Hagen Horob




Just in time for the 10th anniversary  of the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI. the new student group Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI met. for its annual national meeting.

It took place from April 17th to 19th, 2015 at the invitation of Bischof Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer in the seminary St.  Wolfgang under the organization of the Pope Benedict XVI Institute. in Regensburg.  From the student group Joseph Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI. attended the Regensburg meeting whose speaker,  Prof. em. P. Stephan Otto Horn and AOR Dr. Josef Zoehrer. Also present at the meeting of the new student group - as in previous years - was Benedict XVI's  . personally proposed as a "mentor" Kurt Cardinal Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

The  meeting began on Friday evening with Vespers and dinner.  After the welcome by the deputy director of the institute Pope Benedict XVI.
dr Christian Schaller served the first work unit to present the status of the respective research activities and the general exchange.

The Liturgy of the Hours and the celebration of Holy Mass formed the prelude to the study day on Saturday, which was all about dealing with the theology of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. was standing. The focus was on the lecture by Dr. Schaller on the ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council in the writings of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. Dr Schaller showed Ratzinger's preparatory work for the Council, his collaboration at the Council and his impulses for the reception of the Council. An important concern of Ratzinger was always a "hermeneutics of continuity", which should enable a deepening of the church faith.

After lunch, the early afternoon was spent in the beautiful old town of the UNESCO World Heritage Regensburg and among other things, "document Niedermünster" was visited. Late afternoon time was reserved for exchanges on New Student work projects. dr Rainer Hangler presented the results of his dissertation on Ratzinger's ecclesiologically based Mariology and
dr Daniel Burns spoke about the meaning and scope of religious freedom in the mind of Benedict XVI. After the joint celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, the day ended with dinner in the seminary, which Bishop Voderholzer also took part in, to the great joy of the participants.

Finally, on Sunday, in addition to the common prayer of the hours and breakfast, the celebratory service with Kurt Cardinal Koch in the Cathedral of St. Peter in Regensburg marked the end of a successful conference. The guest from Rome not only celebrated the Holy Mass as the main celebrant, but also preached the sermon. In this he emphasized that resurrection experiences can also be had today - despite all the disappointments and legitimate doubts that can arise in the course of a life of faith.

The new student group would like to thank the Bishop of Regensburg for his hospitality. With Benedict XVI United in prayer, the members are already looking forward to their next meeting with the group of disciples from August 27th to 30th in Italy.


Stefan Ahrens, Franz Xaver Heibl

















Photos: Manuel Wluka, ©Hagen Horoba

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