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In the work of Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI. find each other
answers to the questions of the time.
The continuation of his theological approach, the study of his writings and their publication are answers and help
for in the right relationship between faith and reason
to deal responsibly with the challenges of life.

Papst em. Benedikt XVI. ist am 31.12.2022 zu seinem Schöpfer heimgekehrt.

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Promotion of theological science and research in spirit
Joseph Ratzinger's theology, the hallmarks of which are:

  • fundamental meaning of the Holy Scriptures in their unity of old and new testament

  • the connection of historical-critical exegesis with theological interpretation of the script

  • the importance of the Church Fathers for theology

  • the indispensable rooting of theology and theologians in the life of the Church

  • the importance of liturgy for theology

  • the ecological orientation both with regard to orthodoxy and the reformatory communities

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