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The "Neuer Schülerkreis Joseph Ratzinger/Papst Benedikt XVI." has existed in a way that closely resembles that of the "Schülerkreis". The latter has been collecting former doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates from Joseph Ratzinger around their former professor for decades without being constituted as a legal organization. At the request of Pope Benedict XVI, the "Neuer Schülerkreis" combines since 2008 young theologians who are committed to researching the work of the retired Pope and continuing his theological approach. Both "Schülerkreise" have found very good cooperation in recent years.


So it happened at the "Schülerkreistreffen"
from August 31 to September 3, 2017 in Rome
to found the association.

At the request of Benedict XVI. has been taking Kurt Cardinal Koch since 2012,
the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity,
the role of the protector who accompanies the "Neuer Schülerkreis".
Many thanks to him for this and a heartfelt reward to God.

Constituent session

The election of the board resulted in the following appointments
to the corresponding offices on the board:


1st Chairman: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ohly

2nd Chairman: P. Dr. Sven Conrad FSSP


Treasurer: Pastor Dr. Rainer Hangler


The board of directors is responsible for the representation of the "Neuer Schülerkreis" and has solved the spokesman
for the "Neuer Schülerkreis appointed until the association was founded, Michaela Hastetter and Prof. Dr. Christoph Ohly,
from whose great thanks go in the responsible founding years.


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